Security and Privacy

A week doesn’t go by without a new story in the news related to a cyber attack. Hackers are getting more clever in their approaches, and as our day-to-day dependence on connected devices grows the threats become larger and the consequences of a breach grow. The Bluetooth ecosystem is not immune from these types of attacks, as several different vulnerabilities such as BlueBorne, GATTack, and the Fixed Coordinated Invalid Curve Attack have been recently published. While these vulnerabilities may sound scary, a properly designed system can ensure that your product is secure.

In addition to security vulnerabilities such as those listed above, another issue that many IoT product manufacturers do not consider is privacy. A Bluetooth device that advertises using a public or static device address can allow for a malicious entity to track location or potentially even steal personal data. While the Bluetooth standard has features to protect again this, the vast majority of products aren’t using them.

SwaraLink Technologies understands how to secure Bluetooth. We use the latest tools and technologies to ensure that every attack surface is covered. Below are some of the service that we offer:

Secure Software Development

We develop software using a multi-tiered approach to all aspects of security: encryption, authentication, access control, and privacy. We make use of the features within the Bluetooth core specification, and additionally implement customized features that go beyond the standard to meet the needs of your application without sacrificing user experience.

Security Auditing

Regardless of whether you are in the middle of your design or if you already have a product on the market, it’s always better to find a security vulnerability sooner rather than later. We can use our suite of tests along with our hardware and software tools to analyze your system and provide you with a detailed report, including any recommendations for improvement.