Embedded Bluetooth Low Energy Experts

Are you considering adding Bluetooth to your product but aren’t sure where to begin? Or perhaps you’re already developing with Bluetooth, but lack the resources to implement a new feature, or to ensure that your product is reliable, secure, and optimized. SwaraLink Technologies is a consulting and development firm focused on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) embedded software and systems. With our expert-level knowledge of the protocol and ecosystem, we can work with you and your team to get through any phase of your design.

Architecture & Design


Component selection, hardware development, software development, and architecture reviews, all tailored to your application requirements.
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Optimization & Security


Create a successful product that meets your power, latency, throughput, security, and privacy needs and provides the best user experience.
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Debugging & Problem Solving


We use the latest tools combined with our expert knowledge of Bluetooth and embedded software to swiftly resolve any issues in your system.
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