Test and Debugging

The importance of testing is no secret when it comes to developing any type of product, let alone those that involve embedded systems or wireless communications. When working with a complex protocol such as Bluetooth, there are usually multiple layers of software interacting with each other. In most cases a chip or module vendor will provide the Bluetooth stack as a “black box”, and the application-layer is expected to properly handle any events or callbacks from the stack. Not having access to the stack source code can create debugging challenges, especially if you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the protocol. 

SwaraLink Technologies has the hardware and software tools, along with the knowledge of the Bluetooth protocol, to help you find and correct bugs in your system during any phase of your product development.

Urgent Debugging Services “Firefighting”

We understand that you may be under pressure from your partners or customers to resolve bugs swiftly. Even if you need debugging support on short-notice, we are available to test, analyze, and debug any Bluetooth issues in your system. We put out fires!

Customized Test Plans

We can work with you to develop and execute a custom test plan based on your product requirements and the functionality of your system, with documented results. A variety of testing methods are used, including simulation of real-world scenarios using scripts, monitoring of data traffic with protocol analyzers, and on-chip debugging of embedded application and stack code.

Stress and Corner-Case Testing

Our test suites put your Bluetooth device through a series of normal and not-so-normal situations that are often the root causes of problems in Bluetooth systems. We test connection stability, pairing, and security at the protocol, profile, and application layers. After tests are complete, we provide you with detailed test reports and recommendations for optimizations and improvements