• The Least Useful Features in Bluetooth Low Energy

    The Bluetooth core specification contains a whole bunch of different features that enable a whole variety of use-cases. While supporting many use-cases is great, this also means that you’re faced with many different options for performing (what you would think) is a simple task. I was originally going to title this post as “BLE Features…

  • IoT For All Podcast

    Recently I had the opportunity to be a guest on the IoT For All Podcast and discuss the challenges of building high-quality Bluetooth Low Energy products, and how the SwaraLink Technologies Platform helps companies by simplifying and speeding up the design process. Check it out!

  • Under the Hood: How SwaraLink Maximizes BLE Throughput

    This is the first in a series of “Under the Hood” posts, in which we will go into the technical details of the SwaraLink Platform and Bluetooth Low Energy in general. One of the most common points of confusion in Bluetooth Low Energy comes up when product developers are trying to optimize their system throughput.…