Embedded Software / Firmware Development

The key to creating a great Bluetooth product is to have stable, optimized software running on the device itself. While chip vendors generally include examples in their SDKs, it is not always so simple to turn these examples into product-ready software. The examples are typically designed to run on specific evaluation boards (as opposed to your own target hardware) and therefore may require additional code to interface with your on-board hardware components. They also may not be optimized for your application’s performance requirements and usually lack features that make your product stand out above the rest.

This can be especially challenging if your team does not have a background using a real-time operating system (RTOS) or working within the resource constrained environments of most embedded systems. In addition, the complex APIs and middleware layers for interacting with the Bluetooth stacks can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with the details of the Bluetooth protocol.

SwaraLink Technologies has in-depth experience developing embedded software for Bluetooth. We work with many chip vendors and with all versions of the standard including Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Mesh

Embedded Application Development

We are embedded software experts with experience developing products for the consumer, industrial, medical, and automotive markets. We have expertise in all aspects of the software, including low-level drivers, custom communications protocols, and algorithms for optimized use of the Bluetooth stack. Whether you are looking for complete application development or help in one specific area, we are ready to serve you.

Design For Test

Of course, we will test and verify any software that we develop for your product, but how about testing for hardware defects on a per-unit basis? We can develop software and provide you with the tools and processes necessary for automated hardware verification, including RF performance, power consumption, and proper functionality of on-board components.

Advanced Features

Many applications require advanced features such as authenticated over-the-air firmware updates, secure bootloaders, adaptive frequency hopping, complex network topologies, or other custom features. Let us help you make your product stand out from the competition.